17 Jul

Volcano Scuba Diving In Hawaii At Hanauma Bay

There are probably at least 10 spots which are very good for shore diving within Hanauma bay hours of Honolulu Sharks Cove, From Here to Eternity Beach, Electric Beach and Magic Island almost all being part of the list. On the list of most worlds famous dive websites would be scuba diving at Hanauma bay. Along with being a terrific shore dive in Hawaii it is a really well-known snorkeling site as well with Hawaii site visitors which stay in the nearby Waikiki hotels. The site is accessible by the Honolulu city bus route #22 which runs from Ala Moana Mall in Waikiki.

Hanauma bay has actually been discussed by lots of as swimming in giant fish bowl. Hanauma bay is a sunken volcano which has collapsed on the ocean side producing a perfect bay which is screened for almost 300 degrees, so it is quite rare that you can’t get it to dive there.

It is a secured location so that they close the park down on Wednesdays to ease the stress on the eco system. They’ve e an excellent display at the top that’s got much information that is good on the geology, ecology along with the fish life in the bay, well worth spending a little extra time to find out it out, as it is very well done. Before you can enter in the park you are needed to view a fifteen minute video explaining about the things that you are going to see as turtles, as well as informing folks of the do and don’ts.

A rule that they’ve and enforce is no smoking in Hanauma Bay. They put the rule in as they had been getting way to numerous cigarette butts and also cigarette wrappers in the bay which like the sun tanning lotion that was degrading the water quality. I’ve to point out though having this rule is refreshing for those that don’t smoke, and for individuals that do if they decide to have a cigarette, the walk up the very steep road will remind them in a not subtle way the damage that they’re working on to the systems of theirs.