27 Oct

The Event Organizer Social Media Software Feature List


Organizers have the ability to enable or disable each attribute (listed below), subject to specific dependencies

Custom Branding

Custom CSS and HTML areas permit the event organizer to use the appearance and texture of your organization/event including logo, color scheme, design and more. Most text areas are customizable Too

Static Pages

For events that don’t already use their particular CMS (e.g. Drupal, WordPress, Radiant, etc.), Social Kickstart supplies a simple static page module which event organizers can utilize to make their home page, hotel/travel webpage(s), host pages (not buff pages) etc.)


Event organizers can configure the Right date, time and currency formats for your event’s locale. Note: in this moment, system strings aren’t exported. But, event organizers may choose to input text in additional languages to the configurable text fields

Custom Sub domain Integration

Every event gets its own unique IP, therefore most events decide to utilize our recommended custom DNS configurations to make sensible site URLs

Delegate Profiles

Every assign gets an editable webpage with contact info, bio, profile image, etc. Organizers can employ a default privacy level and then delegates can customize who will view their information (everybody, just people I trace, or even nobody)

Social Networking

Delegates and sponsors/exhibitors can trace and be followed closely, which opens up the capability to exchange contact information, send private messages and setup one-on-one meetings


Delegates and sponsors/exhibitors may send people messages into a conference-wide messaging place, on particular event pages and on host fan pages. They’re also able to send people (@) answers and private/direct messages to people that are following them. Multitasking is) incorporated with Twitter

Nonetheless, people who do not use Twitter can still use our messaging Groups. Organizers can make an infinite number of classes and organize them into categories.