19 Dec

Presto Deep Fryers – Our Recipe For Excellent Southern Fried Chicken

As an enthusiastic cooking and deep skillet from south Louisiana, I’ve tried many distinct recipes to get the great home-fried chicken. I’ve dabbled with assorted south Louisiana spices and deep fryers searching for the ideal mix. Occasionally, less may mean more when speaking to simplicity of cooking and high quality of the last item. In the following guide, I’ll demonstrate the recipe that I am the simplest and best method for deep skillet southern style. Personally, I prefer using a professional design deep fryer with all of the bells and whistles. But a straightforward deep skillet kettle is all you need to get started.

Recipe for Southern Fried Chicken

Ingredients needed include:

1. Canola oil (or some other skillet that you might prefer)

2. Chicken (cut into pieces)

3. Ice

4. Cayenne Pepper

5. Zatarain’s chick fri

6. Zatarain’s fish fri

7. Garlic power

8. Water


1. The very first thing we do is heating our dirt (canola oil). Using our best presto deep fryers we put enough canola oil to cover all of the chicken we’ll be boiling. Don’t irritate the deep fryer (or skillet pot). We propose just skillet several pieces of chicken at one time.

2. While the dirt is heating, then we wash our chicken in warm water and then cut into bits that are going to be fried. Then, we put the cut pieces into a bowl of water making certain that all bits are coated.

3. We sprinkle cayenne pepper above the water and combine together with the chicken (the quantity of pepper used is contingent upon the fryer’s taste); as a rule of thumb, ensure that you cover the best water layer.

4. While the chicken is the grease/oil is heating, we prepare the following mix: one bag of Zatarain’s chick fri one bag of Zatarain’s fish fri.. For thiswe add cayenne pepper and garlic powder (again, the quantity is dependent upon the deep fryer’s taste); the very first time working with this recipe, we propose using small quantities of every (1-2 tsp). You could always fix with prospective recipes.