31 Oct

Making The Business Case For Outplacement Service

What exactly are they doing? Not what you may think. The solution is utilizing outplacement services. Outplacement service was regarded as a generous consideration to offer departing workers, done largely from a feeling of corporate responsibility. Nowadays, career transition management is rightly known as being more than moral obligation — it’s an important element in protecting a company’s brand, performance, and endurance.

Right Management recently ran a worldwide research study to understand Why Organizations Rely on Outplacement. With input from more than 1,700 business leaders and HR professionals in 10 states, the subsequent report reveals why businesses use outplacement services, the advantages that they understand, as well as also the developments in career transition management.

Were you aware that:

Four out of five firms worldwide rely on outplacement services throughout restructuring, merger, or direction change?

Are Workers in career transition worth one-on-one coaching more than targeted job prospects?

Middle managers are more likely than senior executives to obtain outplacement services?

U.S. companies supplying outplacement services have fewer lawsuits against separated employees?

From the analysis, Right Management experts talk about the audio business advantages of outplacement services, backed by metrics which indicate — in hard numbers — that the significance of approaching undesirable turnover, reducing recruitment costs preventing litigation, and raising morale.

So… what exactly does this mean for you personally? No business today is immune against right-sizing and realignment and it is important to get a strategy in place to safeguard continuity and operational performance. Maybe you’ve considered buying outplacement services but were unsure of the business case to be produced. View the info graphic, get the details, and determine what you believe.