31 Oct

Fight Unemployment By Spicing Up Your Outplacement Services

Compensating discharged workers can be a fine line to walk. Employers and HR managers wish to make sure discharged employees receive reimbursement matching to their financial demands, but also frequently, employers skip out on other essential elements of worker outplacement services — particularly in regards to helping employees fight unemployment.

When employees leave a company, they are not necessarily searching for a lump sum severance pay for. Sure, this kind of reimbursement can be justified, but employee needs tend to be a lot more varied. In a shaky market with high unemployment, employees want more than just payment to get back to their feet — they want tools. If companies do not realize this, they stand to make a negative opinion on existing workers and damage their company’s standing.

If companies wish to reveal former or present workers they genuinely care in their well-being — throughout their time in the company or then — it is vital to spice up outplacement services, covering all of the bases where employees may require help. Here are three tips for spicing up worker outplacement services:

1. Boost job search efforts.

With numerous Americans afflicted by long-term unemployment, leaving a project could be scary. If an employee is leaving the company with no immediate career opportunities, provide help to get them in their way. Provide resume writing and cover letter aid, or present them to social media platforms to assist them to boost their personal brand. You can also think of providing a listing of upcoming career fairs and networking events to help them get back to their feet.

2. Assist with general career management.

Don’t just help former employees to discover a new job — assist them to maintain their career for years to come. Provide access to career management mentors, leadership information, or perhaps beneficial software like a platform to arrange contacts, job applications, and access new openings. Resources such as these reveal present and former employees you are invested in their career general — not only their company function.

3. Offer ways to get in touch with company alumni.

Assist former workers to get back to their feet by letting them forge new relations — accessibility to company alumni is an excellent place to start. Most colleges and universities join students with alumni to further their career and job search efforts, so why don’t you produce a listing of company alumni ready to assist in precisely the exact same manner? This facet of worker outplacement services will cultivate new networks and make a community which resides on, combating long-term unemployment even when workers leave your office.